Sterilizzante rapido Spray per piccole superfici e dispositivi

EC Ster Spray

Quick sterilising Spray for small surfaces and medical devices

Active ingredient
Free radicals with reducing activity generated by specific matrix in aqueous vehicle at Ph basic.

Mechanism of action
Transfer of electrons which react with the structure of pathogens causing irreversible chemical damage and their immediate destruction.


  • Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria
  • Tuberculosis mycobacterium
  • Viruses (including HIV, HBV and HCV)
  • Spores
  • Fungi


Activity time: 5 seconds

Stability of solution: 7 days

Expiry date: 24 months

EC STER SPRAY is a cold chemical steriliser in powder form. It is used in ‘spray’ mode for rapid sterilisation of invasive and non-invasive medical devices, small surfaces, operating tables, dental units, instrument shelves, healthcare equipment.
The sterilising solution is prepared directly in the supplied 750 ml bottle.

Properties and Benefits
It sterilises the treated devices and surfaces in fewseconds;it prevents the operator contamination risks because it inactivates pathogenic microorganisms on simple contact and prevents their migration.
The basic pH values and the reducing activity of the radicals prevent oxidation phenomena and do not compromise the integrity of surfaces and instruments; it does not stain or leave halos.

The single-dose packaging facilitates the preparation of the active solution; the powder is directly solubilised in the supplied spray bottle. The powder dissolves in mains water at room temperature; the resulting solution takes on a very faint yellow colour, which confirms the start of sterilising activity. The yellow colour is conferred by the electronic voltage of the radicals.

The solution is odourless and does not emit vapours in the working environment.


It sterilises with a contact time of only 5 seconds by denaturing the protein structure of pathogenic germs.


On simple contact, it inactivates the pathogenic microorganisms by preventing their migration and, consequently, remove the risk of contamination. It is odourless and produces no irritating fumes or vapours.


It does not oxidise metal surfaces, it does not stain and does not leave halos.

Environmentally friendly

The solution at the end of its cycle complies with legal limits for discharge into the sewage system.

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