Fibre side firing
Fibre side firing Laser a fibre ottiche medicale

Side firing fibre

SKU: PSF1600

Laser: Enea Duo, Enea Trio, Enea, Ermes, Zaira, L.E.O. Plus

Applications: Phlebology, Gynaecology, Urology, Aesthetics

With its machined tip, the fibre can emit laterally, therefore maximising laser transmission to achieve optimal treatment results.

475,80 IVA incl.

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  • Fibre tip: 8 degree oblique
  • Application to infrared (IR) and visible lasers
  • Fibre diameter: 600um
  • ETO sterilisation, double packaging
  • Standard length 3 m
  • Standard SMA905 connector
  • Autoclavable rubber cycle 121° C for 15 minutes

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