JW Power Bleaching NEXT


Laser: Enea Duo, Enea Trio, Enea, Ermes, Zaira, L.E.O. Plus

Applicazioni: Odontoiatria

JW Power Bleaching NEXT is the new generation of the proven whitening gel JW Power for laser.

It is easier to apply thanks to the double cartridge and mixing tip and can now be activated by laser, lamp and even without a light source.

JW Power Bleaching NEXT is a whitening gel with two components in a double-bar cartridge containing 35% active ingredient (hydrogen peroxide) to rapidly whiten and brighten discoloured and devitalised teeth.

59,78 IVA incl.

10 in stock

Gum protector

Single-component material to cover the gum during treatment with highly active whitening gels.

  1. Optimal viscosity
  2. Good flow behaviour
  3. Polymerisation time of only 20 seconds
  4. Very low heat development
  5. Substantial time saving compared to a rubber dental dam
  6. Simple to apply
  7. Blue colour



  1. Simple to apply
  2. Rapid setting
  3. Patient-friendly
  4. Fast
  5. Safe protection
  6. Excellent contrast with the gum

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