EC Ster

The spent solution complies with legal limits for discharge into the sewage system.

Active ingredient
Free radicals with reducing activity generated by specific matrix in aqueous vehicle at basic pH.

Mechanism of action
Transfer of electrons that react with the structure of pathogens causing irreversible chemical damage and their immediate destruction. By the same mechanism they remove and dissolve organic residues with higher activity than any enzyme complex.


  • Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria
  • Tuberculosis mycobacterium
  • Viruses (including HIV, HBV and HCV)
  • Spores


Activity times: Sterilisation: 60 seconds.
Cleaning: 10 minutes (depending on degree of soiling)

Stability of solution: 48 hours

Expiry date: Validity of powder 24 months’.



EC STER is a cold powder steriliser with a detergent action. It sterilises and simultaneously cleans dirty instruments in a single treatment (in the absence of detergents and enzymes) through an immersion procedure in its free radical-releasing solution with reducing activity. In the first few seconds of immersion it sterilises all surfaces of the instrument in contact with the solution, thus eliminating the risk of contamination for the operator, and simultaneously removes and dissolves residual biological material.

Rapid instrument reconditioning

With just 1 treatment, in a few minutes, it sterilises and simultaneously cleans dirty instruments by removing and dissolving residual biological material.

Operator prevention and safety

The rapid sterilising action allows the operator to safely carry out any operation to remove stubborn dirty. It is odourless and does not produce irritating fumes or vapours.


It avoids oxidation phenomena and does not compromise the instrument integrity.

Environmentally friendly

The solution at the end of its cycle complies with legal limits for discharge into the sewage system.

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